Friday, August 31, 2018

Fall 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the LCI Physical Education Website.  This website is the main area where you can find all things PE.  Teacher contacts, schedules, course outlines, name it!  Please take some time to acquaint yourself with the site/links and learn how to navigate to the areas that pertain to you.

For your first day, please go to the location listed on your timetable to meet your teacher for the semester.  Your instructor will provide you with a detailed list of all activities and locations for the semester at that time....your master schedule.

This year we have a lot of fresh new faces in the PE department and with new faces comes great ideas, and activities.  We are looking forward to an amazing year with you all!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Spring 2018 Spring Semester

Welcome back for Semester 2 :)

The PE website is the hub of information for all things PE at the LCI.  On the left there are menus that take you to everything from contacts, to schedules, to assignments.

The schedules page has all schedules for all activity based courses at the LCI.  This includes PE, Sports Performance and Exercise and Conditioning. 
Note:  Sports Performance and the LCI Fitness Center has its own page located at

If you are in PE 20/30 you have your own page that can be accessed on the left and we ask that you follow the Twitter feed so that you can stay on top of any updates or changes to locations and activities that may arise.  This feed is only used for communication purposes and does not push information at you, so please take the time to follow as it will be of huge benefit for you

If you have any questions, please find a PE department member and they will be happy to help you.

In the words of Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod "Stay fit and Have fun"

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

PE 9 - Albatross Dance

Move and groove.  Practice these counts of 8 to master the required choreography for PE 9 dance component.  Having these mastered will make it easier to focus on your own dance moves and grooves when it is your turn to create some choreography.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Welcome to LCI PE 2017/18 School Year

Hello Physical Education Participants!!!!

Welcome to the LCI PE department webpage!  We look forward to reacquainting ourselves with you, or if you are new, getting to know you.  The LCI PE webpage is your hub of information for all things PE that you will ever need during your time at the LCI.  It is equipped with schedules, waivers, contact info and much more.

PE 9-30 should take the time to screen shot or bookmark the schedules page as it will allow you to know where we are on a day to day basis if you happen to misplace your hard copy schedule.

PE 10 Students will be required to complete the HSS 1010 course at the beggining of each semester prior to starting PE class

PE 20/30 should select to follow the Twitter feed for up to date information on activity locations and last minute schedule changes.

We hope you enjoy the program and we can inspire you to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

Remember, if it has to do with PE and you don't know where to go, what you should be doing, lost your forms, etc. then you can find it all right here!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Semester 1 Day 1 Class Locations PE, Sports Performance & Exercise 9

Phys Ed/Sports Performance Classes
Tuesday, Sept 4th Orientation

Do you have Phys Ed/Sports Performance this semester?
If so, please look so you know where to meet your teacher on day 1.

Period 1
PE 20/30- Dilworth-Baum Meet in the Large Gym
PE 10 – Ralph - Meet in the Large Gym
Sports Performance 15/25- Gillespie- Meet in Computer Lab C202

Period 2
PE 10 Active Living - Dilworth-Baum- Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-2- Ralph- Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-5- O’Sullivan- Meet in the Large Gym
Sports Performance 15/25- Gillespie- Meet in Computer Lab C202

Period 3
PE 9-4- Dilworth-Baum- Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-8- Gillespie- Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-3 (Honors) O’Sullivan- Meet in the Large Gym

Period 4
PE 9-7- Ralph - Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-6- O’Sullivan- Meet in the Large Gym
PE 9-1- Spring- Meet in the Large Gym

Period 5
Exercise & Conditioning 9- Gillespie - Meet in Computer Lab C202
PE 10- Dilworth-Baum- Meet in the Large Gym

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Have a great Summer

Thanks for a great school year everyone.  Have a good Summer and see you in the Fall.