Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome Back!!!!!

Welcome back to another year at the LCI. Our PE staff and program strives to afford all individuals, regardless of skill, injury and limitations, a positive physical and mental experience. It is our hope that we can expose and encourage individuals to gain the skills and knowledge required to pursue life long fitness.

Our website is one tool that we utilize to get information, handouts/waivers and schedules out to parents and students. All information regarding the PE program can be found on the site.

- The main page has information regarding upcoming units so that students may familiarize themselves with rules, expectations and educate themselves prior to coming to class. We have found this an excellent strategy to help reduce the anxiety associated with new activities and to help create excitement in our classes.
- On the left of the main page is a link to "Schedules, Information & Policies". The information found here contains everything from course outlines and schedules to PE 30 handouts and waiver forms. Please acquaint yourself with the information on this page and feel free to contact your son/daughters individual teacher with any questions you may have. The link to this information appears like this:

We look forward to an amazing year with you and can't wait to see you in your gym strip ready for some fun filled activity!