Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Semester 2 - Spring 2015

Welcome to the LCI Physical Education program.  For those of you who are returning it will be business as usual, but for those of you who are new to us, here is some information that will help you along.

The LCI PE website is your hub of information.  Any and all things PE can be found and accessed through the website.  All schedules, teacher contacts, waivers, etc. can be found on the webpage and accessed through the links on the left of the page or directly in the pages themselves.  Videos and information about upcoming units can be viewed on the main page and are a great resource to demystify activities you are unfamiliar with and help individuals to learn prior to class time.

Students in PE 20/30 have their own program webpage that will provide them with specifics that only effect individuals in the 20/30 program.  Off campus waivers, driver forms, schedules, journals, etc can all be found on the link to the PE 20/30 site.  PE 20/30 students are also encouraged to follow us on Twitter in order to recieve the most accurate information and updates to class time and events.  Our Twitter link is located on the left of the page.

The LCI Physical Education Department is always striving to deliver and improve its program.  Our doors are always open and we are always interested in any/all constructive feedback that allows us to improve our delivery of course material and provide interesting and relevant activities.  We hope you enjoy your semester.

LCI Physical Education Department.